Growing up on Korean food since a toddler, I feel confident in my ability to handle spicy foods. But this monkfish recipe tested my limits. The amount of red pepper flakes the recipe called for was overpowering. It was difficult enjoying my first consumption of monkfish with my head feeling warm with beads of sweat forming on my forehead. You know that burning feeling you get when you eat extra spicy food? You want to jump into the nearest pool to cool off. Half the meal was spent sloughing off the excess red pepper sauce from the fish and bean sprouts. I know, I know. I should have known better than to add that much, but I wanted to follow the recipe exactly as it was written.

For fear of causing a heatstroke from the spiciness of this recipe, I won’t post it (unless I have any brave eaters with a strong stomach who are willing to take on the challenge or creative cooks who want to modify the recipe). However, I will post the photos of what I had hoped would be a delicious meal. Hopefully, the next recipe I test out will be a success I can share with readers.

Before the red pepper flake ambush…



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Love to cook and eat! Dream Job: hosting Woman v. Food. I know Food Network tried this out but they didn't have the right girl for the show...hint hint. Favorite condiments: sriracha, kimchi, pickled jalapenos

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